We have been long term Villa Owners at KingFisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island and for many years have wanted to build our “dream home” on the Island.  After more than 12 months of planning we finally had a complicated design to submit to builders for quotes.  Many local builders were not interested because of the difficulties with both the design and the fact that the job was on Fraser.

Steve Bagnall Homes was one of three builders who submitted a price.  Our Architect suggested that we award the contract to Steve Bagnall because of his reliability, the quality of the finished product and that the quote was always close to the final cost.  An additional problem was that we were based in Melbourne and only occasional visitors to the Island.

We found that everything proceeded with absolute clockwork.  Steve revelled in the challenge that the design, and dealing with problems that building on an Island created.  Another important factor was that any problems that were found were always presented to us with a solution by Steve.  Steve also was willing to present simpler, cheaper and more practical solutions than the Architects specified even if these only resulted in a small saving compared to the overall cost.  As an example we had picked a front door that was only available from interstate.  Steve went to the trouble to arrange for a local craftsman to replicate the door at a one third saving in cost.

Steve, Robyn and staff always kept us informed about the progress either by email (with photos) or by phone and they were always available and willing to discuss any changes that we proposed.  When we did visit to see the progress of our dream we were also impressed by his contractors and especially impressed by the high regard that they had for Steve.  The quality of the job is reflected in the fact that Steve won the Wide Bay Region QMBA House of the year Award