I am happy to write this testimony about my beautiful House.

As a much older, single, female and first time builder, I had been warned of the pitfalls when building a house and employing male strangers

I employed Steve Bagnall Homes Pty Ltd in December 2010.

I found Steve, his wife Robyn and all the team members totally professional at all times.

Documentation, Costing and Progress Statements were regularly submitted.

Any changes along the way were confirmed immediately by email, so at no point could there be any misunderstanding on either side.

Not only was the immediate team professional, but the sub contractors had the same professional approach, and nothing was too much trouble.

After taking possession of the house, any minor “teething problems”, were attended to within 24 hours.

I hasten to add the “teething problems” were

  • A gutter leaked in one corner – instantly repaired.
  • An outside power point that had failed, maybe due to mud wasps.- replaced.
  •  A sensor light that didn’t work-replaced.
  •   A laundry tap that leaked-replaced.

My house cost was nearly $500,000.00.

I consider the above 4 to be very minor, however the attention to correct any problems was always there.

I believe that if I had a problem now, even 15 months after hand over, Steve Bagnall Homes Pty Ltd, would readily fix it.

I really enjoyed building my home, and if I ever build again, I would want to do it with Steve Bagnall.

Please feel free to contact me direct.