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You have found the best builder in Hervey Bay?
Steve Bagnall Homes is an award-winning builder, servicing the whole Wide Bay area including Maryborough and Fraser Coast. Steve and Robyn have been operating Steve Bagnall Homes in Hervey Bay since 1993. During that time they have built a solid reputation for being reliable, having high-quality workmanship and providing outstanding customer service. Visit our About Us page to learn more about Steve Bagnall and their team of qualified local trades people.

Custom-Built Homes:

In addition to building homes using their existing plans, Steve can also custom design a family home from scratch for you.  Already have plans at the design stage?
Depending on where you are up to in the process, Steve can put you in touch with their draftsman. He will assist you with getting any council approvals and anything else that you need help with. Visit our custom build homes page for more information.

New Home Builds:

SB Homes provide a range of products and services for new homeowners. If you are looking to build your first property in Hervey Bay or  Maryborough you can’t go past Steve. He is the best builder in the Fraser coast region.
You’ll find that their existing house plans could be fine tuned or customised to suit your style.
With a portfolio of over 200 different house plans to choose from including house and land package you won’t have any problems selecting your future dream home.
Please keep in mind that Steve & Robyn have no restrictions on certain brands. You have a choice from suppliers for fixtures and fittings. Check out our gallery to see some examples of past homes we have built.

Home Extension & Renovations Projects:

When researching and looking for home extension or large renovation projects
Steve Bagnall’s team of professional and qualified trade builders can assist you.  If it’s your intention to build or extend your existing home up or out. we’ve got you covered, we can work off existing plans or design specific plans for you.   Need help with obtaining council approvals? Steve can ensure your extensions won’t cause any boundary or utility issues. He can provide professional advice on the best way to achieve your goals.

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Inside entrance - standard home plans - Master Builder Home design

Standard Plans

We have a portfolio of over 200 house plans to choose from and we can tweak or customise any of the plans to suit your requirements.

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Atlantis large family room - Atlantis custom-built home in Hervey Bay

Custom Built Homes

Custom designed and built homes that are completely unique. We can organise the plans for you or work from your existing plans.

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