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Are you slowly running out of space in your current home? Do you require additional bedrooms, or would you like a second story for use as either an office or a playroom for the children? Your choices are to either move to a larger property or consider a house extension.

Hervey Bay builder Steve Bagnall can provide quality and professional help for your House Renovation or Home Extension


Home extensions and additions are a great way of gaining valuable space without having to move. Whether you add another room to the outside of your existing home, or extend upwards by adding another storey to the house, some factors to consider are outlined below.

Which Way to Go

If you have limited space on your block your best idea is to extend by ‘going up’
You need to take into account the front visual of your home as your roofline should blend in with the existing roof and not ‘look’ like an addition. Natural light is an important part of your home and you will need to consider this aspect. Think about the position of your bedrooms and give these the best view.
One benefit of going up is that you retain your existing outside entertainment and garden area. The downside is that you will need to remove your roof and also be prepared for the possibility of bad weather through this time.
By deciding to extend outwards there will be less disruption to your home and you can often live in it while the extensions are being built. It is however important to locate the extension as cleverly as possible so you don’t lose too much garden space.

Costs Associated

How much money you spend on your extension is also an important factor to consider as extending up is more expensive than extending out.   You also need to budget for unforeseen costs that may arise, whether as a result of bad weather or for when you are not able to live in your home and other associated expenses.

Using Professionals

At Steve Bagnall Homes we can guide you to the best possible outcome to achieve your requirements.  In the beginning we will introduce you to our designers and from there prepare and lodge all documents required by your local authority.  An experienced Hervey Bay builder like Steve Bagnall knows what to look for when you are considering Extending or Renovating.  Location of utilities such as sewerage lines, water and electricity supply and also boundary minimums are important things to consider and may impact the style of your home.

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